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Because of their extensive experience duRose are often contracted to provide design and engineering assistance to shop fitting companies.

duRose Ltd were approached by an exclusive shop fitting company to supply and install two unique Vitrine Shrouds to the windows of Tiffany & Co in Manchester.

The Vitrine Shrouds were multifaceted “picture frames” machined from solid stainless steel 40mm thick, which when completed weighed 40kg each.  After machining they had to be polished to a super blend brushed finish.

Once manufactured duRose were asked if they could install the Vitrine Shrouds on site. This posed a problem as they had to be attached to a shop window without any mechanical fixings (e.g. screws etc.).

Several controlled experiments in the factory testing various adhesives, subjecting them to extremes of temperature and shock impact before we arrived at an adhesive that was both safe and strong enough for the project.

We then designed vacuum brackets to hold the shrouds in place as the adhesive cured. The adhesive required 24 hours of constant pressure to cure and the installation needed to be conducted during the night and the site left in such a state that the clamps were secure and had no detrimental effect to the trading of the store in a busy shopping centre environment.


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